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F50 in white
  • The Infamous F50 in white

    If you have owned an Infiniti then you might have an idea about the Q45 aka F50 Chassie.

    Not to many have purchased and completed.

    This particular one has been on my radar for a long while.

    Since it was finished 2+ years ago.

    I loved the way the wheels Fit (Vip Modulars) and also still being able to drive slammed.

    The photos bring this car to life.

    Few things standing out are those Amazing Set of JDM Headlamps., Modded Aero, grill, hood badge, paint, and so much more.

    Southern California has been able to create some truly Unique cars from the Scene.

    We have to agree that the Vip Style has been growing, but appreciate a good quality car build from top to bottom.

    Not to many in the Vip Scene have Ran with a wheels size as the owner of this one.

    These shots were shot a while ago and I am sure the car looks different right about now,

    But Each picture is screaming to become a wall paper from house to house.

    The Side skirts were executed nicely,

    Vip Modular wheels have now grown into your house hold. and from show across the states.

    We mostly love locations of shoots, but this one, is one of the Best shots for last.

    “File Right click Save AS”

    Again Thanks Jon Tran for allowing us to share your work

    Please be sure to Add Jtranphotos on instagram and also on facebook

    Facebook located here


    His Flickr link is here


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