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  • well extreme Auto Fest season opener in Anaheim at the Angels Stadium was great show.

    This show was a little different the last show i went to. this time around they bring out all the guns for this show.

    they had alot of different cars this time from the last, from Old Skool Jdm to the new Skool Jdm to the ture LowRiders to the donks so sitting on 30″ rims (WWWOOWWWW)

    All in all this show was good they had a great DJ at the stage area spinning jams that had you enjoying the event a little more to the hop contest for the low riders and even so drifting.

    what more could you ask for great weather and great cars at a great event..

    please check out my coverage and enjoy what EAF had to bring.


    please visit my site for the full coverage: www.uneakphotography.com

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