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  • so i didnt go to remix but managed to make it out to josh vee’s event, and i must say this shit was epic. from the rollin to the end of the show was nothing less than amazing. tons of cars just rolling in lots of support for the show, cool ass cops chillin, great models, and some great tunes. met alot of cool people and the models i got to work with were great, hope to see everyone at the next show. and big ups to josh once again, first event and already doing it big cant wait to see what next. relevant domains keep it up bro.

    all pictures on my flickr.

    our event coordinator josh. only shot i got of him, busy guy

    stay stetti reppin hard and low!!!
    stay stetti reppin hard and low!!!

    sick gs came strollin in, no one knows who though?


    ms. le


    stay stetti matt with some of the drive culture girls

    drive cultrue girls

    jade and angie



    lets not forget our newest photog steven

    the rest on my flickr, and ill be adding more as i finish more on there

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