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Elegance instead of Luxury
  • Elegance instead of  Luxury

    What is Elegance? Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but those who have already taken possession of their future.

    I love Elegance.  And Elegance lies not in richness and ornateness but in the absence of vulgarity.  Some people think Elegance is the opposite of poverty. It is not. Elegance is the opposite of vulgarity.

    I am really new to the VIP Style scene because I am coming from a tuner background with Hondas.  I preferred street credit rather than trophies.   But the more I blog and shoot these VIP Style cars I realize that it is more than air bags and big chrome wheels, a totally different world, but with the same goal.  Standing out and building a great automotive masterpiece.

    I have seen way too many car enthusiasts worried about getting the most expensive parts for their car so when they are at meets and car shows they can have bragging rights.  Is it really all about the parts and not the car anymore?  I know everyone says “everyone can have the same car but it’s the parts that sets us apart from the crowd!”, but when I see a nice car driving down the street, the parts on the car isn’t what catches my eye.  The overall stance and styling is what gets me interested and then I notice the individual parts that make up the overall look of the car.  Lately everyone has been obsessed on getting the newest and most expensive parts for their car overlooking the the possibility that it may not look good.  Just because they make it doesn’t mean you should  buy it.

    James had suggested I go pay a visit to Autosport209 in Stockton, California.  The owner of the shop had a nice Lexus and suggested I schedule a shoot with him.   John and I had been trying to schedule a photoshoot for while now.  Our schedules just weren’t lining up so we could make some time for a shoot but I was able to schedule a shoot with him a few weeks ago.

    John is the owner of Autosport209 in Stockton, California and two years ago he purchased a 1998 Alpine Silver Lexus GS400.  I have always believed that true elegant taste is generally accompanied with Excellency of heart.  And John is definitely a testament to that.  After talking with him during the photoshoot I can see how growing up in Makakilo, Hawaii has truly grounded him in this unforgiving money driven society.  I had told him I have never seen his car and totally was going blind into the shoot.  I usually research the car, pick an ideal location and even have my shots planned out, but it was a last minute decision and I couldn’t make the 2 hour drive before the shoot to scout photoshoot locations.  I just decided to do it on the fly and no light painting or strobes.  I wanted to make this nice and simple.  So here is the final product.





    Kenwood Double DIN

    Fosgate / Precision Power

    Vipdout table


    Junction Produce front grille

    Aristo chrome trunk bar

    VIS front / JT sides and rear

    VIS rear wing

    Diy front headlights and taillights


    UAS air ride kit w/ KYB struts

    Accuair E-Level ride mgmnt


    Auto Couture Supremes

    19×9 +10  19×10 +10

    225/35r19 and 235/35r19

    I would like to thank John for giving me the opportunity to feature his Elegant GS. Also showing me that elegance is something more than ease. It is more freedom from awkwardness and restraint.  It implies a precision, a polish and a sparkling which is spirited, yet delicate.  Showing me that it is definitely better to live content with small means; to seek Elegance rather than Luxury, and refinement rather than fashion, to be worthy, not respectable, to be wealthy and not rich. I know he has some plans to totally re-invent his Lexus GS400 in the near future and cannot wait to see what he has planned.  So if your in Stockton, California go by AutoSport209 and say hello to John he would be glad to see you.

    John would like t0 send out Special Thanks to :

    Michael Anderson (Re-shine), Zack(UAS), James(Vipdout), Charles Magayanes from SD and Ejay(Limestand) for these amazing photos.




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  • andy@vipmodular 10.22.2011

    Like I said before, Ejay is a beast behind the lens.. great job Ejay!

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