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Driven Raceway Time is of the Essence
  • Driven Raceway is New to Fairfield Ca, and it is  Electric Cart Racing…

    I First started hearing about this through a Member of Pxracing and Car show addict like me named

    Jon jon and he was going ALOT to Driven… I thought about it and was like Ehh I will go after work ..

    when I went I was in work clothes, so wasnt really wanting to Cart that night…

    Sat there for a couple of hrs watching the races

    also I was getting juiced.

    If you haven’t been carting before it matters about time… each fraction of a second.

    Jon Jon is actually damn good at this…

    I took some pictures of our time tonight and wanted to see if you are interested in going to !

    His name is sLydFX and Mine is VipdOut

    I got the times down to 18.4 ! Not bad for the 4th and 5th race !!

    Jon Jon got a 18.225 !!

    Top 5 of the Week and Jon Jon is repping the Number 2 Spot !

    We actually took everyone out on the track with us 😉 I can say it is fun as hell

    If you are planning on going feel free to hit us up and post up !

    Lets see the times you are doing aswell

    My Goal is to break 18.2 next time

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