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Drew McLaughlin aka The Prime Ministah
  • Built by : Drew McLaughlin aka The Prime Ministah

    Was looking throught some pictures I remember and seeing that I talked with Drew , I had no idea this was his car. Amazing work that went into it and to know that he has turned from the Euro scene to the vip …..  oh man .. can’t wait to see how the new ride will turn out.. I have met him at a car meet a few years back and seen the Gs he Purchased. I never knew the story behind the man and wanted to feature it on VipdOuts Blog

    Please take a look at the pictures and remember this beauty from pictures online…  I know its in the back of your minds.

    This is a section I wanted you guys to read aswell … He has come along way and so has the car

    “A Chapter of my life. A car that gave me all sorts of ups n downs

    In late 2003 I bought this VW Gti 337 edition. After a while I got balls deep into the car and went a lil nutzo. After an ridiculous amount of Time, Money and Labor it turned into a bit of a monster. I took it to a few shows. Placed 2nd in my first show, 1st in two others and Best Motor. The car had a Full feature in Performance VW magazine in July of 06. Then winter came about and I started working on it again, changing up a lot of the body and some extensive engine work. I completely shaved the engine bay and did a lot of cleaning up. When I finished it Only a small handful of people saw it ever finished. As going with being young, I was cocky and too sure of myself and drove like a DICK. In the End I paid a high price for it. One dark evening after going out that night with my brother was driving home and decided to pass him at ludicrous speed. It turns out there was a bicyclist in front of him. With my lack of proper driving skill, over corrected on steering the car and went off the road. I hit a rock embankment at some where around 100 miles per hour, the car flipped and landed back on the nose of the car. I was rushed to the hospital where I would spend a little time. I broke some thing in just about every major area of the body. The first month I spent in the hospital I was Intubated because I collapsed both of my Lungs, but alas I do not remember this portion because I was in a coma also. I had a severe head injury, they said if I had hit it any harder they would have had to cut my head open to relieve pressure. While I was in that coma, part of my right foot rotted off due to the bandages not being changed for 13 days…. I lost 80% of my calcaneus (heel bone) and 2/3rds of my Achilies tendon. I spent a total of Six Months in the hospital. 5 and a half of those months I had wound care (Not the most pleasant thing in the world) on my foot every single day until they performed the last surgery. I spent two months in In-patient rehab learning how to walk again, with arm crutches. Another six months until I was on my own care again.
    This had been a very life learning experience for me. Learning on how to be limited as to what you can do. Finding a new life mindset on how to live. Finding out that the stars you always reached for are now leagues further. Steering in a different direction finding what is reachable, and enjoying the ride just the same. With my head injury I didn’t have major memory loss, Its like having a fog in your head for the stuff I have a hard time remembering. Along with relearning things I had said, done or been, I also had to relearn different social skills again. Finding times when you had no idea what was going on but knowing you should is interesting to say the least.
    The Fact that I still can remember as much as I do I am very grateful compared to the doctors projections. That I can still walk is beyond words.

    -Severe head trauma
    -Fractured C2 (neck vertebra)
    -Collapsed both Lungs
    -Internal Bleeding
    -Shattered L2 (Lumbar spine vertebra) Fusion L1,2,3
    -Fractured Sacrum
    -Fractured Pelvis (in the middle)
    -Broken Pelvis (Lt Hip)
    -Broken Lt Foot
    -Shattered Rt Foot and lower leg
    Here are pictures of a lot what has made and beat me up a lil.”

    Car has been featured Already had a full 7 page spread in PVW Magazine. !! Props !

    Built by : Drew McLaughlin aka The Prime Ministah

    On top of cars being a hobby, He spins and It sounds great. I believe I played it about 7 times. . and its along mix !


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  • B 03.29.2010

    Dude the pictures of the crash are CRAAAZZYY.

  • Werd!

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