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  • Hi I’m Daniel Baxter! I’ve spent all 20 years of my life in the Bay Area. I’ve always had a great love for photography and cars, so taking the two and combining them has been an amazing experience thus far. My current weapon of choice is my Canon 20D, as old as she is she delivers some solid images! I have a small collection of several 60’s-80’s Canon 35mm film cameras that I’ve just collected from friends and family over the years. All the amazing people and friends I’ve met through the two have been wonderful and awesome people! Spending time shooting cars is just such a thrill for me, every second of it I’m enjoying my favorite pleasures in life. I can’t wait to start sharing it with you all! If you’re interested in having your car shot, I would love to shoot it! I’m located in Concord, so I’m relatively close to everywhere in the Bay Area. Shoot me an email at danielhasacamera@aim.com or message me on AIM!

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