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Cukui Presents: Below The Surface by Orly Locquiao
  • Last week I got a Facebook invitation to “Below The Surface” presented by Cukui a local boutique here in San Jose, California.  I have been meaning to come by this place for a while but have never had time in my busy schedule but when I read this invite for this event I knew it was something that I had to check out.  Here is what was in the  invitation.

    What is “skin deep”? What is the “tip of the iceberg”?

    What seems apparent may actually be much more complex. What is obvious isn’t always so. And what others assume can be totally off their mark. “Below The Surface” once again revisits our founder’s self reflection of who he is and where he is going. Reevaluation is a process that allows us to redefine our boundaries and the purpose we were given in this life.

    Through photography, art, and story we reenter the meaning behind his “humble beginnings” and the reasons why Cukui exist. Behind every smile is a history. And behind this man is a legacy. Thanks for always supporting us and everything we do.

    And as always we will have some new drops releasing on that Friday.

    See you next week & stay rooted! Cukui mayne!

    – The Cukui Team

    It was a great turnout and seeing local talent is always inspiring.  Cukui seems to be group of ordinary individuals with more to offer than what people think. From the art and style Cukui feels like its a life long passion that extends beyond a simple idea.  Just attending  this event I can see that Cukui represents a story that not to many people know about and they try to share it through simplistic designs that share a personal story to everyone’s lifestyle.  This clothing company embodies the passion that drives individuals to succeed.  The team at Cukui & it’s camp are more than fashion forward personalities, they are not just style but they are a way of life.

    Support the Scene.

    Cukui Clothing Company

    229 Jackson Street, San Jose, CA 95112

    408.899.2768 |  www.cukui.com | info@cukui.com




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