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Coverage for the Eos Of Summer 9 meet Norcal
  • 9th annual End of Summer Meet Norcal

    October 10, 2010 Pleasanton, CA

    Here are some pictures. For the rest of the coverage’s Click Here (jsjbrothers.com)

    Coverage !, alot of variety and great coverage too


    Great turn out and overall alot of fun, Very orginized event. We cant control all drivers so one accident happened but looked as if everyone was ok.

    Props to LGW and Pleasanton working together this year for great time.

    Once I get all the info on all the winners I will have that updated.

    here is what I have for now.

    Thanks everyone for attending EOS / 2nd Annual car show! Pictures to be posted soon!

    1st place Lexus – Glen / RMMGS4
    2nd place Lexus – Will / TAMRGUS
    3rd place Lexus – Bruce Nomura

    1st place Most Jdm Modified -James/VipdOut 😉

    Here is a winner I will get a Medium out too !


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  • SFFD 103 Mariano 10.12.2010

    Good times, Great weather, clean cars! Congrats James on another win. Car’s looking tight!

  • cant believe there are more pics of damn hondas than that blue sc with the big ass turbo.. that car was clean.

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