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CaniBeat Meet x UneakPhotography X VipdOut


    CaniBeat hosted there first northern California meet this past weekend.

    Although CaniBeat is a East Coast thang, they have people representing them here in Cali.

    Anthony CaniBeat Lezada is here to speak and hold things down for them,

    while they do there thing on the East Coast. this meet was posted and being talked about for a while now and when it happened,

    people showed up to the meet 1 hour earlier then the posted meet time.

    As people where waiting for to start more and more cars just keep pulling in the Fremont In-N-Out parking lot where the meet was hosted.

    Be for you knew it, the meet bring so many people that it took over the whole plaza parking lot.

    After the set time was reached, people just kept showing up all night long.

    Alot of great ride from all over came to support Mr. Lezada and CaniBeat. The meet was a every great turn out and a hell of chill night for hangin out.

    Just enjoying one thing that everyone had in common, which was Cars, Culture, Lifestyle ,and everything that was proper that night.

    This meet that was going to be a bi-weekly thing end with it turning into a once a month thing so that CaniBeat can keep the number of great rides and people to come out and support.

    If you weren’t there for this meet i would say that you need to be at the next one.. Check the coverage for the meet.


    For More Coverage Please visit : www.uneakphotography.webs.com


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