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Blox Open House 2012
  • People always have an event they look forward to every year. For some of us it’s Wekfest, others a special, local meet. Well, for many, it’s the Blox Open House held in Fremont, California. Cars rolled in and parked in whatever groups they liked. This usually meant parking with their respective crew or teams, even a few shops grouped up.

    Groups like SpeedElement, Revolution Motorsports aka Team Rev, The Higher Echelon, and Final Stage were out in full force. Many of the groups were giving out stickers and other complimentary items to the crowd of over 2,000 people.

    Now with such a large crowd, you must be thinking this is place was packed like a boy-band concert and all the little girls were squealing. Well, there was squealing, but mostly from the men and the venue was actually quite spacious.

    In the span of five hours, over 2,000 people entered and left the Blox parking lot, eating from the various food trucks as well as purchasing products from the friendly merchandise and product vendors which lined the right side of the parking lot.

    Awards for various categories were handed out in the last half hour of the open house. These awards ranged from Best Honda to Best Female Owned to Best Performance Vehicle.

    A special award was given to the team at District 10 for all their hard work with the open house. This ranged from set-up, to clean-up, to even the lucky job of getting to judge the vehicles. Congratulations to District 10 on this accomplishment.

    I would like to give a final thank you to all the members at Blox Racing for holding such a wonderful, well controlled event. A special thanks also go out to all the food trucks there who managed to feed all of us hungry viewers.

    Thank you to all the vendors, from those selling parts to those selling shirts.

    Thank you to all the event sponsors and thank you to everyone who came and supported the event!

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    -Braulio Negreira


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