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Blox 2nd Annual Open House x UneakPhotography x VipdOut

    June 11 2011 is the day of the Blox 2nd Annual Open House. Like last year show, it was a huge success. This time Blox was ready for the amount of people that was going to be there along with the people that where going to be in the show.

    So the day start off  with car show cars rolling at 5 am. All morning some of the sickest cars from all around the bay area where rolling in. As everyone was taking the time to clean down their cars, the Vendors where setting up and getting together all the product for sale, along with the free giveaway’s.

    Once the time came around for the show to start, it was a full house before anyone knew it. There was so much going on that not only was there just the cars to look at and enjoy, Nos Energy Drink was there holding it down like always and  providing people with Refreshments to enjoy and giving them the Energy that they where going to need for this jammed packed day.

    You know I never forget the eye candy of the shows, the ladies!!! They had all the big names out for this event. while the ladies where signing photographs they where also jamming to the music that was being spun by our own, Bay Area’s Best J Espinosa from Wild 94.9. we all know how Blox did it last year with all the free hook up’s and contest winners prizes, this year they where hooking people up with some good merchandise.

    Along with Nos Energy Drink they too where hooking people up with free gifts, like Nascar Tickets and BBQ Grills and cases loads of NOS. This was a great 2nd year show for Blox and I cant wait for the next show.

    For more Show coverage please Visit: www.Uneakphotography.webs.com

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