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Beer Review: Lagunitas Daytime

    This will be my first beer review for Vipdout, with many more to come! I am a regular beer drinker personally, always looking to try out new beers whenever I get the chance. I will be bringing to you my personal reviews on beers here on the website.  My first review will be a beer from one of my personal favorite breweries, Lagunitas. They are a brewery located in Petaluma, California well-known for their IPA, India Pale Ale.

    Daytime: A Fractional IPA is a limited release from Lagunitas offered only in six packs.

    This particular beer pours with ease and minimal amount of head, coming from the bottle in a slightly blondish color. The scent of the beer has a light hoppy, citrusy smell to it with a slight hint of guava. Upon sipping the beer a distinct piney hop flavor immediate hits the taste buds, followed by hints of citrus and guava. The beer resembles a toned down version of Lagunita’s other beer Little Sumpin, with a twist and significant lower alcohol content and taste. The beer is fairly light and easy to drink, but at the same time can be savored and enjoyed. It is very easy for the bottle to just be gone before you know it with how light and easy it is to drink.

    Personally, this is easily one of my favorites from Lagunitas that I have had thus far. For those of you who are fans of IPAs, this should definitely be on your list to try. Being a limited release from Lagunitas, six packs are relatively difficult to find. If you find yourself lucky enough to find one I definitely suggest picking one up, you will not be disappointed!

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