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Baller Status! Photography in the studio.
  • Baller Status! Photography in the studio.


    Well I have been wanting to test out the large studio for a long time now. Just happens I was able to get a free spot and a nice Lexus IS referred to me from James Church. I had told Kenny Jung, the car owner that I was different. That I wold not shoot just any street corner. That I did not want to just do what everyone (allot) else does and call it a day. Why do a shot at all if it wont kick ass over the usual shoot. We looked at location ideas over a month or so and tried to get a shoot going but nothing was good enough for me to put the energy into actually doing a shoot. I mean it’s not like there was a paying client so why not do what I wanted the most and go for broke.

    So here we are. Day set, studio time allocated, security and staff informed. Assistant on hand. Crane powered 15′ Softbox with 12 Broncolor Strobe heads, powered by two A8’s and two A4 packs. My trusty Hasselblad H3D II 39, 40 megapixel medium format digital system and I Kenny’s Lexus. My NSX called and cancelled and my Model did as well. Wow did they regret it!


    Here’s why:


    Grand ending with a NYC VIP Nightlife Style Shot!


    to James Church for sending me the car,

    Kenny Jung for letting me photograph his car and for helping me in assisting in the shoot as well 🙂

    Jonny Fung for bringing the Dim Sum and helping out as well.

    My Assistant in using the Crane soft box and to every one else please enjoy!

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James Walker was raised in New York City. He has been shooting as a returning hobby since the 80’s. James decided to restart his life after rediscovering photography again in 2006. James left everything behind and moved to Los Angeles where he would finish his undergrad in photography and imaging at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. James is now a Fine Art and Commercial Photographer that also specializes in the Portraiture.

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