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AutoFashion’s Vip Fest ! 11-6-11

    Vip Festival

    November 6th, 2011


    For those of you who do not know much about the  Vip Scene.

    This was one of my first events that I made it to and look at me now ?

    Addicted ! and always growing the Vip Scene

    Always a great Vibe with friends from the San Diego area


    8451 Miralani Drive Suite E San Diego, CA 92126-4388
    (858) 635-6620

    Auto Fashion is a place for Car Enthusiast to gather together at least 1 time a year for everyone who is into the Vip Scene from all over the States.

    We hung out and check out modifications to each others cars. and also see what is new coming out for the market for this type of event.It is always good to put a screenname from a forum to an actual face.

    Vegas had a huge Caravan to the meet with the guys all from Sema,

    the owner of Vipstylecars.com (John L ) was there in full fashion with His Gs from The Bay area aswell. Had some members NY come out from Liberty Vip !

    Last year Samson from Revision Audio and Shin from Air Runner were their displaying and showing the demo 3rd Gen Gs430 That was used at SEMA that same Week !

    People brought Cars from Japan, Fully wrapped in Diamond stiched RHD Van. and a RHD sc430 !

    Over the years I have seen it grow from Just online. to Car shows as Awards. and now to everyone trying to style their car from Jdm to Vip ??

    Once something small gets into the right hands. It can truely take off

    There are purist into the scene, but I overall think

    If it is going to happen, lets just make sure they at least do it right.

    I was taking to Freddy and  looking forward to becoming apart of this event.

    I will be a Vendor for this show and event and bring both cars to support and have some raffel portion.

    1999 Lexus Gs400 & 2001 Infiniti Q45t

    thanks Auto Fashion ! and its 3-4 year and constantly growing, there will be more and more people !


    Here is a Quick Google map to see where it is off of.


    Make sure to see what all the hype is all about and meet some really good people !

    8451 Miralani Drive Suite E San Diego, CA 92126-4388
    (858) 635-6620


    I am personally am looking forward to hanging out on Ocean Beach with some time off from Work and the buisness and relax.


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