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AutoFashion 2010 VIP Festival coverage from INFINI
  • My bad on the first post. New to blogging 🙂

    First here is the Direct link to the full “choice” gallery: http://infini.zenfolio.com/p165958354

    This was an impressive event. No drama, good people, great food and some impressive top notch quality builds. Basically if you wanted to see the very best of the VIP and VIPStyle scene cars and meet the legends of the scene than this was the place to be. I was there and made sure I tried to capture the best of what I saw. Even then I missed some cars. They all could not fit!

    Dunno but I kept going back to this amazing build.

    One wide body..

    Then these guys barged in!!! I kid! Mean American muscle here!

    Guess who?

    Dear lord…. just beautiful

    Again! Love how the light hits this car and how it blends.

    Just a few more worth sharing:

    Full JP Body kit!

    Had to be the addict! $70 DAD Key chain!

    I must say one of the best parts of the day was the Caravan that morning. Wow. I was elated by the 405/5 being dominated by expensive wheels and Quality Cars! Fitment galore! Was really cool.

    I am exited I have the chance to build my own car and do something different in the scene.

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