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ATS Garage x WEKFEST Annual Charity Toy Drive
  •  The holidays are right around the corner! Unfortunately, there are many families still struggling to provide for their young ones. Luckily, there are still some pretty amazing people in the world who choose to use their connections to put together something for a greater cause. The man behind the annual toy drive is Ernesto (aka Junior) Sarmiento of ATS Garage and Wekfest. Besides being busy with assembling one of the biggest car shows all over the US (and Japan coming soon!!), he is a social worker at day. It was a good turnout and together we were able to donate almost 1000+ in unwrapped toys. It’s events like these that remind me that no matter what kind of car you drive, we are all still people!


    First off, I’d like to give a real quick introduction about myself. My name is Ivan Asuzano, I’m a freelance photographer based off Union City, CA (NorCal Bay Area). I’m one of the newest additions to the VIPDOUT family and I am definitely proud and humbled to be a part of the team. I’m looking forward to meeting more new faces and photographing some incredibly detailed builds. That being said, enjoy my first write-up and event coverage!

    Let’s start off with the VIP Style builds!


    The City League GS400


    Wekfest USA Junction Produce LS460




    The aggressive and rare Black Pearl LS


    Due to the fact that this event happened during the same time as VIPfest in SoCal, most of the VIP style cars were down there. Nonetheless, the quality of the cars that showed up were actually pretty cool still. Here’s the rest of the shots!


    Roddy’s super sick CR-Z! 


    Kenji of Area Cycles’ RHD STI

    300zx e30 e46 e86 FRS g35 g35(2) g35(3)IS300noble

    Is that a Noble?!   

    s13 s13kitted XBCorollaCorolla2

     There were a bunch of classic cars in attendance as well including The Bandits and JDM Palace’s truck and Mini

    Banditz mini JDMPalaceTruck VW VWvanporsche

    Thanks for viewing!

    For photo bookings, email ivan.asuzano@gmail.com

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Ivan Asuzano

I'm a freelance photographer based off Union City CA (NorCal Bay Area). E-mail me for bookings or features at ivan.asuzano@gmail.com. You can also visit my website at www.ivanasuzano.com

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