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Aprils Finest Eliza Tee Model of the Month
  • We had a chance to work with Eliza at the Sf Auto Salon, and Hearing some great things about her and the ability to be so photogenic.

    She worked great with Lane Shurtleff one of our Main Model Photographers.

    Together they were able to get some amazing photos for this Months Model of the Month feature !

    Lets take a peek at one of San Jose Finest Models.

    time for the Q and A and lots of pictures

    – Body Measurements ?


    – Age ?



    – Nationality ?


    – What got you into the modeling as a whole ?

    Growing up I would always play pretend and be like the cartoon characters,

    Pocahontas, Mulan, Sailor Moon, etc.

    So with modeling I discovered that I can dress up as anything/anyone I want to and feel like that character.

    It’s really amazing how a photo can make a person look and feel.

    Modeling is extremely fun, you can say it’s like acting but put into a photo.


    -Where do you see yourself in 5 years (modeling aspirations, etc) ?

    In 5 years I plan to at least see myself on the cover of magazines .

    I hope to have inspired somebody and help make a difference in the world in helping others.


    – Who are some people that inspire you ?

    To be honest I feel like every member in my family are my role models and inspire me so much.

    My parents are definitely my top role models, they inspire me to stay focused and always have a path to success.

    My brother inspires me because he works hard to support his family and one day I want to be able to work hard and support mine.

    My sister inspires me with her creativity.

    She’s always been the creative one in the family and she inspires me to always be creative with new things in life everyday.

    She’s also a very strong individual because no matter what crosses her path she always manages a smile.


    – What is the best thing you have had happen while modeling.Experience wise ?

    Meeting new people and gaining some of the most heart warming friendships.

    Nothing can really beat the feeling of meeting great people and everyone has a different talent which inspires me.

    – People you have met ?

    Other inspiring models, hard working club promoters, artists, dancers, and just a lot of different type of people who’ve become my friends.


    – What is your fav magazine and which one are you shooting for ?

    D Sport and Import Tuner, I have not shot with them and I hope to eventually.

    – If you love shoes, are you into heels or sneakers ? and which ones ?

    I love love love love love shoes!!! I love all types of shoes but nothing beats a girl and her heels!


    – What do you think about Vipdout and where did you hear about it from ?

    I think Vipdout is awesome and unique. I love their creativity and elegance.

    I had a booth with James from Vipdout and he was really genuine and took care of me so I heard all Vipdout from him.


    – What’s your overall idea of VIP Styling in the auto industry ?

    I think that it has a great look, it’s very upscale and unique. I like how VIP is set differently and gives a different vibe in the auto industry.



    – Where were you born ?

    In San Jose California


    – So with the 49ers winning are you a fan ? or which is your fav team ?

    I don’t really have a favorite team, but I do like watching the Niners.


    – Off topic, Lights on or lights off?

    lights dim low =P


    – Anything interesting in the works for 2013 ?

    I have a lot in store for you guys!! You’ll see =)

    My goal is to keep surprising everyone each and everyday and showing my capabilities in accomplishing anything I put my heart in.


    – What is the craziest thing a fan has done for you ?

    Made a shirt with me on it, and send me flowers that was very thoughtful =)


    – Any Special shouts outs ?

    Special shout outs to family , friends, and wonderful supporters!

    Special thanks to Lane and James for making this feature happen! This is an awesome experience

    And everyone who’s stood by me since day one I couldn’t have done it without you all



    Make sure to stay Tuned to This Beautiful Model Eliza Tee as she is on the rise !

    Special shout out to Lane for the amazing photos. and thank you Eliza for allowing us to feature you


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