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Anthony Rusli’s Gs430

    I was just looking online

    I happened to see my customers

    Anthony Rusli

    car on youtube for Vip Modular wheel ad.

    2006 Lexus Gs430


    Looking flawless as it sits in the Video


    I am going to finish the  3rd Gen Gs table up tomorrow…

    He has been a more then patient customer with me and has the

    type 1 Couture line in his car at the moment.

    Until the new table gets installed.

    Once I have it all wrapped up ! picture time!

    Here is a shot before the remodel shot by Steven Santiago


    I know he will love the finished product.




    As Anthony came by the house an relaxed and got his new table changed out. I posted some pictures to the facebook and friends over at


    Seen the picture and used it on their Garage Society part 😉

    Thanks Fellas !

    Here is the link to the image and the blog



    And here is the 3rd Gen Custom 1 off table that went into the car on 3/08/2011


    Here is an image installed.


    Stay Tuned More will be made on request once summer time hits.

    email Vipdout@gmail.com for information

    Also please join the forum



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