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Another sad day ….
  • I have to say that me and JonJon have been going to alot of shows together…

    Today broke my heart when he sent over some images, of his car wrecked. The pictures tell the story.

    I hav to say thou with the bad news of my boys car he was a little banged up today too …

    But It is going to a great shop …. Preferred Auto body in fairfield !

    I know they will take care of JonJon , and it was a women driver ;/ smh

    October 16th, 2010 | Vip'd Out | 3 Comments | Tags: , , , ,

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  • Erik Pacchetti 10.16.2010

    Dude what the fuck mayne? I hope Jon Jon’s okay an I hope the car is repairable I know it’s like losing a loved one when that kinda shit happens. Just think of this as an opportunity to do it better and stay positive. It could have been worse. Damn =\

  • JEEZ!

    thats rough.. beautiful car, hope it comes out looking as good as it should be!

  • damm that hella sucks.. hope hes car comes back even better after this 🙁

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