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Amy Ames | May Model of the Month
  • Amy Ames !

    (Rsellos) It was great to get back to working in California, and I had the privilege and honor to meet and photograph the beautiful Amy Ames!

    Credits: photography by rsellos; makeup by uyen vu


    VIPDOUT: So Amy, how did you get your start in modeling?

    AMY: **After my boob job, my dr asked me what I wanted to do next and I just blurted it out even though it sounded dumb and far-fetched… “I wanna be in magazines!” He set me up with a photographer he worked with and I went to my very first photoshoot ever. From those first pictures, other photographers started hitting me up to shoot and now here I am!


    VIPDOUT: We can see you everywhere in various car events and shows! What do you enjoy about the import scene?

    AMY: ** the girls, the vibe, and the crowd!! The models are so hot and many have been in magazines so it’s pretty surreal to be walking around with them or chatting with them about random stuff when u see them on covers or features! Unlike in Hollywood, you get to actually see these car show “celebs” in person and interact with them! The vibe at car shows is amazing! Ppl are all excited and hyped up and there’s great music playing!


    VIPDOUT: Well then what is your dream car?

    AMY: **370z or a Ferrari/Lamborghini

    VIPDOUT: do you prefer automatic or manual shift?

    AMY: **Auto. #asiandriver

    VIPDOUT: yikes! (we know how asian drivers are… LOL)


    VIPDOUT: what do you do besides modeling?

    AMY: **I’m actually a banker by day lol. I’m also a nerd who lovesssss to eat!!! i love animals.. i love to cook. lately ive been on a making-chocolate-dipped-strawberries-with-crushed-oreos kick! haha!

    VIPDOUT: hmmm sexy nerd, works with money and can cook? everyone’s dream girl 🙂

    VIPDOUT: what is your weakness?

    AMY: FRIES!!


    VIPDOUT: can you share a memorable experience with modeling?

    AMY: **Yes, it was last yr at Sema. I was visiting my friends at the JDM Sport booth and this really tall beautiful model pulls on my hair and says “ur extension is sticking out” then she proceeds to snap the clip back into place. After, she drives off in an Audi r8 and waves goodbye,leaving me in a daze. Wth just happened? I had no idea who she was until someone said “omg that’s Melysa Grace!!” Wow!! THE Melysa Grace fixed my extension and I didn’t even know it was her. I remember reading import tuner or super street before I started modeling and she was the cover model thinking “wow! She’s so beautiful!” That was yrs ago and I never thought I’d get to meet her, much less be modeling at the same shows and having her help fix my hair lol.


    VIPDOUT: what is favorite photoshoot experience?

    AMY: ** my shoot with Russell aka Rsellos bc it was the first time I broke away from doing my typical sexy glamour shoots in lingerie. This was the first time i actually got to bring my “studying with hello kitty” and “bad ass ninja” theme to life and Russel was the perfect photographer to capture it! Also I was spoiled after the shoot with free clothes from Flipzco and Go Girl Entertainment!


    VIPDOUT: how would someone get your attention?

    AMY: **Actually, my bf caught my attention when we were just friends by NOT being infatuated or flirting with me when we met at a car meet.. I was the new model at the time so I was surrounded by a bunch of guys trying to talk to me. He drove up, barely acknowledged me, and pointed and laughed at me when someone introduced us. I hated him but he definitely caught my attention by NOT being the typical guy-trying-to-get-laid type of person.

    VIPDOUT: circle or square?

    AMY: *circle Bc that’s what shape boobs are 🙂


    VIPDOUT: could you describe your dream vacation?

    AMY: bora Bora and me sipping on daiquiris on the white sand and the crystal clear ocean


    VIPDOUT: so what is the famous quote from Amy Ames?

    AMY: I may have fake boobs and fake blonde hair, but my heart and personality are real!!!


    VIPDOUT: would you have any advice for new models?

    AMY: ** network, be nice to everyone. Be thankful for everything u have..be thankful for the photographers who shoot u, ur fans who make u, and the ppl who help u.

    VIPDOUT: you’re a rising star! what is your next move?

    AMY: Land a cover!!! That’s on my bucket list before I die or get old!


    VIPDOUT: any shoutouts?

    AMY: Yes to my bf Luigi Arroyo who supports and loves me, and puts up with my silly shenanigans. It’s not easy to date a model and read the comments she gets from guy fans but he’s always been supportive. Also chk out our company Limitless-society.com or Facebook/Limitlesssociety

    VIPDOUT: any love for your fans?

    AMY: thank u, thank u, thank u all!! Without u guys, I wouldn’t have this opportunity to live my dream.. I love u guys!! Thank u for all ur support!


    -Amy Ames-

    Instagram: @amyamesmodelAmyAmes-Rsellos13

    If any ladies are looking to work with the best message Russell Below.


    rsellos photography
    rsellosmedia.com | facebook.com/rsellosmedia | instagram: @rsellos | rsellos@gmail.com | mobile 614.767.8280

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