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Amazing talent-Douglas Breuninger
  • Douglas Breuninger
    Talent that Needs to be seen !

    I first seen A picture online and was loving it ! It was a picture of “Rusty”

    I didn’t know who drew it but it looked amazing and caught my eye forsure….

    “free hand rusty slammington cariacture (cleaned up just a tid bit more)”

    After seeing this Art, I was serious when I was thinking of messaging¬† Douglas. Man of many talents…..

    He let me know he was interesting in looking to do Mine for the Vip scene.

    I have nothing but Major Props when I was eating dinner and seen that I was tagged in a photo tonight !

    “VIPd Out” Lexus GS400 caricature (all free hand drawn in photoshop)

    If you are looking to get a photo made for you or your ride… please feel free to message Douglas today

    His face book is located here ( Douglas Facebook)

    Here is some of the art he has made and It became a reality too

    SEMA 2009: widebody 2010 mustang concept rendering.

    Here it is in 3d

    This is one of my Favorites !

    69 Chevy Impala

    porsche 996 turbo digital rendering for his cousin

    There are so many more things this Guy can do…. Please message me if you wanted to get a quote and I can forward it on to him.

    I am looking forward personally working with Douglas on some tatoo art aswell,

    “Inked my arm with prisma markers out of boredom during 3rd term presentations……”

    Another view

    I can not wait to work with him in the future !

    EMAIL: dougbreuninger@gmail.com

    Let me know the dimensions for the posters….i figure it will range from $80- $150 depending on sizes desired…

    IF anyone wants artwork or design
    Cariactures $250 each view.

    Design work & tattoo design cost: (depends on complexity)

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