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Ain’t Nothing but a G Thang
  • This sexy, red G35 went from stocker to pantie-dropper almost over night, but it’s all in a day’s work for i’mSTANCED member Andrew Nguyen.

    Seems in today’s scene, there are a lot of cars that are born overnight.  One day they’re just a standard car, and the next they’re a show-ground stomper.  This red G35 happens to be one of those builds, and a car that caught my eye in more ways than one.  I literally saw the car one week sporting a stock body, stock wheels, and a healthy drop, and I thought to myself, “all that car needs is an aggressive set of wheels and it’ll be fresh.”  No more than a few days later, I get a call from a friend saying I need to come check out this G35 and to bring my camera gear, and sure enough it was the same car, but sporting a lot more than just a set of wheels.

    We’ll start at the part that really draws attention to the car, and that is the stance.  The Mid-West stance scene is still on the up and coming, and it is cars like this one that are leading the way.  Andrew’s G35 is lowered on Stance GR+ coilovers, and an SPC camber kit front and rear help dial in the camber.  Replacing the stock wheels is a set of Varrstoen 1.1.2 wheels measuring in at 19×9.5 +0 up front and 19×10.5 +0 out back.  A set of 8mm spacers bring the effective offset to -8 all around. With the extra poke, the rears were sticking out a little much so the rear camber was adjusted to a subtle -4.5 degrees. It’s not much compared to what most people are running these days, but it gives enough clearance to prevent excessive rubbing while still looking great.  The car has a menacing stance and practically scrapes the ground while driving.  It still doesn’t stop Andrew from driving his car though.  Back in August, we rolled down to Chicago and back just as it sits, and slammed it even more once in the Windy-City.  Phased?  Please!  Andrew kept his smile and laughed as we all tried navigating Chicago’s downtown avenues.  He has a great attitude when it comes to cars and having fun, and it shows every time he rolls his car out.

    With the stance and wheels sorted it was time for Andrew to bring the rest of the car up to par.   To add to the car’s already aggressive appearance a Nismo front bumper, Impul side-skirts and rear splash guards, and a Skyline 350GT grill were added.  The subtle additions really add to the car’s overall look.  Andrew set out to build a rather complete car, so he addressed pretty much every area of the car.  The interior of the car has been given the VIP treatment if you will as the headliner, door panels, and shift boot have been re-trimmed in Gucci fabric.  Talk about style and class!  Other interior accessories include a Junction Produce Fusa, a Blox 24k Gold shift-knob, and the audio has been given a little more bump thanks to a 15-inch Kicker L7 subwoofer and Kicker ix1000.1 amp.  Finally, to give the car a little more go to back up its aggressive looks, Andrew added a Skunk2 Plenum spacer, JWT pop-charger kit, Megan Racing test-pipe, an HKS exhaust, and a Competition stage 2 clutch.

    What Andrew has created in such a short time is one of the hardest, and classiest G35s in the Mid-West.  Born in what seems to be overnight, he is not going to sit idle and leave his car be.  Andrew has some big plans for the car for the 2012 season, and even a new project to go along with his sexy G35.  All I can say is that I look forward to the changes that are coming and there should be some updates to share come the new year.


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