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A new take on beer
  • Growing up I didn’t like beer and I didn’t actually start drinking it until I was in my mid twenties.

    After years and years of trying different beers, with the help of my co-worker who I call the brewmaster we created our beer.

    For those who like dark beer and beers with great flavor our Dunklebock is for you!

    I’ve let a select group of people sample the beer and when we created it at Brew It Up in Sacramento,

    the brewmaster offered to purchase a case which was declined.


    The special ingredients are all due to my friend who made a special concoction of spices and Indian hops and modified the recipe that is usually set.

    What you get is a smooth dark beer with more flavor each time you consume it and 9.6% of alcohol. Needless to say one bottle will do you good.

    If you are in the bay area and I happen to know you, you may just get a taste,

    or there may be some at VipdOut headquarters soon!

    Chris Grantham VipdOut New blogger

    January 14th, 2011 | lightwave76 | 2 Comments | Tags: ,

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  • Scottn 01.14.2011

    beer is yuck. give me vodka or whiskey mixed in sprite/coke and i’m good!

  • The Beer was really tasty. I prefer wine over beer. However, I do enjoy dark wheat beer and this was very impressive. Great job!!!

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