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A new Leaf turned …
  • Former bagged 2nd Gen Gs owner called “MEX LEX” on the clublexus forums changed the look of the car …

    Wheels either make or break your ride . and He now has change toward the right look of the Scene… Vip style ..

    I give two thumbs up

    He writes  “Hey VSC/CL these are a few shots from a photoshoot last week that I thought I’d share. Quick shout out and thanks to Chris for making it happen and Kyoei USA for helping me progress my car to where it is now. There will be some new mods just in time for the official photoshoot in the near future. Stay tuned for more content!”

    Great shoot cant wait to see more

    greddy front lip, aftermarket sideskirts too

    Newer headlights, and clear corners

    Awesome new overall look 😉

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