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209 AutoSports Meet x Uneak Photography
  • 209 AutoSports Meet x Uneak Photography

    209 AutoSports threw a second round for a meet that they had last year.

    I was not able to attend that one , but read up about it and they had a

    good turn out for the first meet. This year they did it again ,

    this time around Uneak Photography was there to cover the meet as well as cover

    for my new team Vip’dOut. Thanks to (CEO) James Church.

    209 was ready for people to show up from all over the bay area, from the locals of

    209 to  the people that drove out from the East Bay 510. 209 along with a good buddy of there’s,

    James Church had his Vipdout car out there

    once again, along with some of his staff there to show support.

    Canibeat was there as well, two names that are blowing up in the import scene.

    The meet turned out to be a good one with a lot of clean daily driven and of course the models.

    These lady’s came out like champs, in some

    pretty cold weather to hold it down for the meet.

    As well as give the people a little more eye candy to look at and to get those good flicks.

    While people are hanging around and having a good time,

    the shop is staying open late for those people that want to buy those last minute

    JDM parts. All in all the 209 AutoSports meet turned out to be a good one.

    Who knows maybe there will be another meet to come. If it comes

    around again you better be ready to show up and if you are going to bring your car out you better bring your A game.

    Check out the coverage

    below and Enjoy…

    for more coverage please Visit : www.UneakPhotography.webs.com

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