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20 More Tables coming up….
  • I thought I would share with you that VipdOut is making as I go Now.

    Here at the precuts ! 20 more tables waiting on the orders.

    I am Currently working on a 3rd Gen Lexus gs430.

    Once this design in completed.

    We can work on  a Nissan 240s,

    And many other Chassies

    With the Design that has been  made,

    Test fitted and worked out in the Following Chassies

    98-05 Lexus Gs

    Lexus IS300

    Infinity Q45 98-00

    Acura Legend early 90s Model

    Toyota Scion TC

    All tables are made  completely from Real wood… This is Fully custom made and hand made from scratch.

    Also this is going to be a Special One off table here is a preview .

    This one will be going for $420.00 the owner will be super happy once its completed !

    this table is complete made of a special 2 part wood,

    Very Expensive and Rare..

    Vacummed sealed with over 800 ft lbs of pressure. Unfinished but you can see for your self

    This time going into these are no Joke ….

    Here is the unfinished product.  Let me know who wants dibs on getting this one !

    Once this particular table is sold … Let the Creativity begin ….

    Examples of Finished products

    Please email Vipdout@gmail.com to Schedule a test fit.

    and Pricing for this design is $220.00 Plus shipping and Paypal

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